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03 Oct 2022

3 Benefits of Installing Smart Locks in Your Office

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Hafele digital door locks are designed with excellent in-built features loaded with prime quality advanced technologies that provide high-end security solutions for your home.

However, your home is not the only place that needs to be safeguarded. Your second home, which is your office or workplace, also needs an equally reliable security solution.

Hafele has got this covered and has designed some brilliantly thoughtful features that provide a comprehensive security solution to protect your office.

In this article, let's focus on three primary benefits of installing Hafele's smart digital door locks in your office,

1.Presence Detection
2.Enhanced Security
3.Convenient operability

We will also try to analyze whether these locks are worth the investment.

Presence Detection

Unlike home, offices are open spaces that expect a number of strangers to walk in & out of the door.

Therefore, it becomes essential to protect the privacy of your office by granting access only to authorized people and familiar individuals and preventing any unknown stranger from entering your office premises.

Smart door locks enable the use of a smart card, biometric access control, validation, and recognition to grant any access to an individual into the office premises.

This also helps track the ins & outs of every individual, including the employees, clients, or other acquaintances.

Besides presence detection, smart door locks also prevent the entry of block-listed individuals into the space.

Enhanced Security

Offices are places that are stuffed with high-level confidential data that cannot be stored with an associated risk whatsoever.

Every organization has its privacy policy, work decorum, professional ethics, credibility, and reputation, which we cannot put at stake by compromising the organisation’s security.

Therefore, data security becomes one of the priorities for any office.

Hafele's RE-Veal door lock comes with an in-built "Smart Intruder Capture" feature which enables the highest level of security for your office by informing you if someone tried to infiltrate the security.

The feature captures and records the face of any unregistered user who tries to break in.

Another such lock, RE-Tro, comes with an ideal digital security solution for offices with its unique design suited for glass door applications.

With this feature, the lock doesn't need any tedious work on the glass, and the lock can easily adhere to an existing glass door through a retro-fixing mechanism.

RE-Tro door lock also combines its keypad and RFID access modes to secure the office cabins and thus provide a realistic security solution for your office.

Convenient Operability

This is one of the most thoughtful benefits of installing a digital door lock in your office. The digital door locks promote convenience and ease of operation for every individual entering or leaving the premises.

The door locks are easy to open and close and do not need extra effort or external help to gain access.

This convenience is especially essential for differently abled individuals and older people who can get easy access to the place without much trouble.

Digital door locks, especially Hafele smart locks, are one of the best locks you can use for your office.

These locks are designed to provide maximum security for your office; hence, they are worth the investment.

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