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Over the years, evolution in living patterns has demanded more from the traditional key than mere home security. Today, people want smarter and convenient options to manage the Access to their homes - the question is no longer about who stays out of the house but who can be let in. We are moving towards 'a future' where the inadequate key will hold little Importance in front of integrated digital door locks that provide more security, more convenience and smarter lifestyles.

A number of trends are changing the spectrum of home security among urban dwellers today. This is happening as a result of common challenges that orbit around the conventional lock-and-key mechanism.

While a number of brands have invested time and effort in creating a product that increases the security of our home Hafele's range of digital locks is exceptional. The products are absolutely state-of-the-art in terms of the range, quality, battery life, among other aspects.

Technology has become a very important part of our lives and almost everything manual is now turning automatic. Take door locks for example- who ever thought that a key, the most important item that we forget to take almost always, wouldn’t exist in a few years?

Digital locks do not just make life comfortable and less complicated but extremely safe too. This does not just increase the protection of your home but provides the comfort and convenience you deserve.

Electronic door locks have many benefits, but the most important aspect is that they are safer than your traditional lock and key. Apart from a code that is common knowledge to all members of the family, the lock provides face recognition, intruder image capture, night vision, break-in-alarm, among many other features that will ensure you are stress-free when you leave your home.

The switch from a traditional lock and key to a smart door lock system has proven to be a great decision for many. A digital lock does not just make you stress-free because of the high level of security it brings but it is also extremely convenient.

Smart locks should definitely be trusted because they have multiple levels of security. You can either set a smart password or use the facial recognition feature. You can even add your fingerprint to the lock and simply open the door without any hassle. The security system provides a host of benefits, a few of which are as follows:

  • Night vision
  • Intruder image capture
  • Smart freeze
  • Panic exit
  • Break-in alarm

Smart locks are keyless security systems that are installed on a main door to increase security, convenience, and live a tech savvy life. A smart lock allows its user to unlock the door using either the fingerprint scanner, facial recognition feature, or the numeric keypad.

The smart door lock system works on your home’s wifi system which allows it to receive the code or smartphone command to lock or unlock. It can also be used remotely using an app on your smartphone.

Technology has been evolving consistently and humans too are adapting to the changes. When it comes to the security of one’s family and home, they will choose the best products available in the market. With the advent of technology, smart locks came into the picture and changed the outlook towards home security. The smart door lock system not only brings stronger security but also adds to your convenience and comfort.

Hafele’s smart door lock systems are highly efficient and extremely trustworthy. They provide a wide range of benefits like smart passwords, facial recognition, fingerprint scanners, numeric keypads, night vision, intruder image capture, break-in alarm and low battery alarm, smart freeze, panic exit, among other excellent features.

The beauty of this remote access lock is that it works on an offline system with no integration to the web; thereby securing all your data and passwords from getting hacked. REMOTE works on Bluetooth Technology and can be managed with the Hafele Access mobile application.

Remote basically means distant and that is the USP of the Re-Mote range of Hafele Digital Locks. As the name suggests, this lock allows you to manage your home access and monitor security remotely, anytime anywhere.

The beauty of Hafele’s door lock with remote access is that it works on an offline system with no integration to the web; thereby securing all your data and passwords from getting hacked. Re-Mote works on the Bluetooth Technology and can be managed with the user-friendly ‘Häfele Access’ mobile application. You can set multiple access possibilities for yourself as well as your visitors through different password configurations.

Its time you change your security system to a remote access lock and make your busy lifestyle a little easy. With the ultimate security and benefits provided by Re-Mote digital locks,you never have to worry about how your domestic help will enter when you are not around. It is a great investment that you should consider getting if you live a busy life.

One area that has seen a major evolution over the last 10 decades is ‘home security’ as changes in living patterns have demanded more from the traditional key than mere security. People move out of their homes much more – be it for short durations to work or longer durations for holidays; and the home is left to the limited realms of security provided by a simple lock and key.

The invention of digital locks has provided individuals with a reliable product that increases protection of their homes in their absence. Among the wide range of Hafele Digital Locks, Re-Mote is one such product that can be operated by you even when you are away from home. As the name suggests, the feature of remote access enables an individual to let people into their homes when they are away, at any point of time.

The following features of this smart lock with remote access makes it extremely easy to operate and increases the safety of your home:

Key-pad or Password

RFID (upto 100 unique accesses)

Smart Security

Mechanical Key (upto 2 keys)

Bluetooth Enabled Key (Mobile App Access)

Smart Password

Smart Etiquettes

Smart Voice

Smart Freeze

40-90mm door thickness

OTP Password

Bluetooth Key Sharing

Schedule Password

Permanent Password

The wide range of digital locks by Hafele have a number of similar and specific features, all of which aid in increasing the security of your home on installation. Three of the products in this range, namely Re-AI, Re-Place, and Re-Size have a feature that automatically locks your door after a few seconds of inactivity.

This is a great and very helpful feature. You never have to check whether you have locked your door properly while exiting your home because the device does it for you.

Modern technology supplies us with amazing resources that alter the way we live our everyday lives. It has improved our lives in a better way from education to scientific aspects and from ancient devices to extreme modernism. Now, it has also changed the way we look at our home security and has come up with a device that aids in the same. Automatic door lock systems have slowly but steadily started replacing the commonly used traditional lock and key.

Hafele introduces a new perspective to home security with its integrated range of Digital Home Security Solutions. With this range we bring to you the most advanced technologies in digital access modes, safety features, convenient settings and much more; attempting to provoke a serious thought towards home security.

Apart from the excellent protection that it provides your home with, the modern way of protecting your home is a lot more convenient as compared to the old and traditional locks.

Smart locks provide multiple methods of locking and unlocking your door that are all much safer than the regular lock and key. 

Hafele, a well-known brand across the globe, has a wide range of digital locks that aid in increasing the security of your home. Manufactured in accordance with all technological advancements, this product comes with multiple features that add to your comfort as well as secure your home. 

Facial recognition is one such feature that is extremely unique and equally helpful in terms of convenience and security. All one needs to do is position their face in front of the lock and allow the device a moment to check its database. Once they recognize the face, the door will automatically get unlocked. If the face is not recognised, the screen will display an error message.

 The Hafele RE-Veal lock is one such device that conducts facial recognition where the facial scan is done for over 170 points on the face making it a highly precise and secured method to recognize an individual’s identity.

Face Recognition adds the fourth dimension to digital door security where the access to a home is enabled by just a scan of the face. Hefele brings to you the most premium technology in face recognition.

Imagine- you have a number of bags in your hand but cannot put it down to unlock the door. You ring the doorbell but nobody answers. In such a case, what do you do? With Hafele’s Re-Veal, a facial recognition door lock, such a situation will never arise. The facial recognition feature in this device allows individuals to unlock the door using their face and avoid the hassle of using a key.

  • Electronic keypad
  • Fingerprint recognition
  • Smart cards
  • Facial recognition
  • Bluetooth enabled key

Digital door locks, depending on the model, can be placed on a variety of doors, including timber and multi-point UPVC.

  • Doors Made of UPVC
  • Doors made of wood and timber
  • Doors Made of aluminium and glass

Yes, HAFELE digital door locks can still function when there is a power failure because the door lock is supported by its battery.

They are commonly used in public facilities such as hospitals, workplaces, and schools, which may have several digital locks strategically placed throughout the facility to safeguard distinct regions, as well as in homes where family members require autonomous access.

Digital door locks can last for many years because there is little that can go wrong. As compared to high tech electronic access control solutions, digital locks can sustain longer due to its simple design and usage.


  • Digital door locks are quick and simple to install because they are totally self-contained and do not require any additional hardware.
  • Ideally suited for low-cost systems.

Examples where you can control access without a key

  • More practical than issuing family members with keys as codes can be updated with each family member to reinstate security.
  • Can prevent the entry of unknown personnel. Even a separate access password can be given to your servant wherein she can enter for your household work when you are in office
  • The same applies to any hotel, office, school and hospital. If a member of staff leaves the organization, the code can be changed instantly.

The advantages of using a digital door lock are:

  • Keys are no longer required and there is no need to have spare keys made.
  • Keyless entry eliminates the need to cope with misplaced keys.
  • Perfect for houses because nurses/caregivers can access the property by simply entering the code as usual.
  • Additionally, family members can use their own key without having to bother about changing codes or can even use Remote Access for a quick and easy entry. e. Can be used within homes or offices (i.e., internally) and on the front doors as well (i.e., externally).
  • Ideal for use in home, offices, flats & apartments, schools/colleges/universities & restricted areas.
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