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Frequently Asked Questions

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The Re-Veal digital lock has a feature of smart night vision, wherein it can recognize the face even in dark.

The Hafele’s RE-Veal digital lock comes with the FBI approved SILK ID scan which can detect a fingerprint irrespective of your finger being dry, oily or wet.

Hafele brings to you the most premium technology in face recognition through the Hafele RE-Veal smart digital lock – where the facial scan is done for over 170 points on the face making it a highly precise and secured method to recognize an individual’s identity

The Re-Veal digital lock has a unique feature of recording up to 10 images of those who tries try to enter without permission. These images can be directly viewed on the screen of the lock.

Through the audit trail feature, Hafele’s digital locks allow you to retrieve a detailed log of the number of entries into your home, the number of exits from your home as well as the date and time of these movements.

Our Face Recognition Lock, Re-Veal, comes with rechargeable lithium batteries which have been tested to run on an average of 8000 opening-closing cycles (approximately 1 year) when fully charged.

The Hafele Re-Veal digital lock has First Admin rights that are given to the owner of a lock where his rights cannot be removed by any admin, but the first admin can control the access of any admin. 

The Re-Veal digital lock has an option of panic exit mode where, in an emergency, you can turn the lever handle even if it's locked, to open the door.

The Re-Veal digital lock gives you 4 mechanical keys and 1 construction key where, if you lose the mechanical key, you use the construction key once. However, the other 4 mechanical keys won’t ever work. This way you can be secure and safe

This lock has 5  access modes.

  • Silk ID Fingerprint (Up to 100 unique accesses)
  • Key-pad or Password (Up to 100 unique accesses)
  • RFID (Up to 100 unique accesses)
  • Mechanical Key (4 user keys,1 construction key)
  • Face Recognition (Up to 100 unique accesses)

In this case, the battery might have been drained out. Please buy a 9V battery from any departmental store and place the battery in the jump-start slot at the bottom of the front panel of the lock.

After holding the battery in place for a few seconds, the lock should get jump-started.

Please Note: The 9V battery should be brand new.

The construction key is a key used for initial commissioning of the lock at any site. When the end customers use their mechanical key, rotate it 90 degrees, and then pull the handle down the construction key becomes invalid.

This security feature ensures a double layer of security.


You need to check at the back of the front panel. Look at the letters “R” and “L” aligned on the arrow inside the front panel. If it is open to the right, it should be aligned to “R” and to the left, it should be aligned to “L”.

Wake up the screen first, then press and hold the RESET button for 5 seconds, and wait for "Initialization" to appear on the screen.

 It takes about 4-8 hours to charge the battery fully and the user must recharge the battery once a year.

There are chances that the battery board and the battery cable are separated during transportation. As a result, the electricity is disconnected and it needs to be connected before it can be used normally. Please open the back panel and connect the battery cable.

You can normalize the light exposure. Moreover, the registration environment may be different from the current recognition environment. So, you can try to delete the entry and re-register once more.

Please check if the finger has its skin peeling, or is too dry or too wet. Ensure normal pressure is applied on the application. Also, check whether the fingerprint is different from one registered at the time of registration.

  • See if the key can be screwed normally. If not, then the key might be a mismatch. You need to contact our customer care centre.
  • If you can screw it normally, you need to press down the handle to open the door. If the door still cannot be opened normally then please contact our customer care centre.

It may be that the double-plug cables on the front and back panels are inserted in reverse. At this time adjust the direction and reconnect.

First, check whether the charging port is loose. If there is no such condition, the battery board may be damaged. Please contact our customer care centre

It is necessary to pay attention to the daily maintenance of the lock and so, do not use any the corrosive liquid or expose the product to a high temperature. Please do not use any chemical or cleaning agent on the body of the lock. This will damage the finish of the lock.

No, this is a standalone product

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