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RE-VEAL - Face Recognition Digital Door Lock


Because you need the highest form of security…
For the Judicious-jivers who would go the extra mile to choose the best and most holistic solution available; a profound lot who leave nothing to chance. Smile for Security: Häfele’s RE-Veal Digital Lock carefully scrutinizes every individual need that you may have from your home security system and presents itself as the ideal answer for all those needs. This fully-loaded face-recognition lock comes with the highest standards of technology that reads over 170 points on the user’s face – this means that it is highly sensitive to even the flinch of a nerve on your face and will only allow access if you exactly emulate the expression that was pre-set as your access recognition. With 5 dirent access modes – Face Recognition, Finger Print, Key Pad, RFID and Mechanical Key – Häfele’s RE-Veal Digital Lock is the authority in home security and access planning. For double assurance, you can combine two access modes as per your choice, making it impossible for any unwanted break-ins. And should someone dare try a break-in, our integrated intruder-capture feature can show you an image of the person who made this futile attempt. Häfele’s RE-Veal Digital Lock comes with lithium batteries that are tested to last for 8000 cycles (or approximately one year) providing you with a hassle-free experience. The most singular feature that sets it apart from others is RE-Veal’s night-vision that recognizes a registered face even in pitch darkness. So it’s time to leave your security worries behind, flash your best smile at this miracle machine and let yourself in…
Mnemonic Guide: RE-Veal


  • Silk id Fingerprint (upto 100 unique accesses)

  • Key-pad or Password (upto 100 unique accesses)

  • RFID (upto 100 unique accesses)

  • Mechanical Key (4 user keys,1 construction key)

  • Face Recognition (upto 100 unique accesses)


  • Smart Password

  • Smart Etiquettes

  • Smart Freeze

  • Smart Intruder (upto 10 photos)

  • Smart Voice

  • Smart Security

  • Smart Night Vision


  • Privacy Locking

  • Manual Locking


  • Panic Exit

  • Audit Trails

    (Up to 30,000 records can be stored)

  • Non-handed Operation


  • Super Admin

  • Admin

  • User (upto 100 user)

  • Guest


  • Low Battery

  • Break-in

  • High Temperature


  • Lithium (8,000 cycles, onced full charged)

  • Jump start (9V)


  • 40-50mm, 50-65mm

  • 65-90mm, 90-100mm*

  • Locking Guide

  • Turn lever handle in upward direction after closing the door

RE-Veal Videos

User guide

Installation video

Quick Installation video


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