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11 Nov 2021

5 Key Things to Consider While Buying a Digital Lock

Today, security is one requirement in our lives that we cannot take for granted! As intruders have gotten sneakier and can easily bypass traditional manual locks, our homes require modern solutions for our optimum safety.

The solution to this problem is to use smart electronic door locks that are strong enough to shield the house from intruders. Selecting a digital lock that is suitable to your home requirements is not an easy task. At Hafele, we have compiled a list of pointers that you can consider while purchasing a digital lock for your home.

1. Long Battery Life
Smart digital locks are a kind of device that silently operate 24x7. So for them to run smoothly and consistently, they need the support of a long-lasting source of power i.e. the battery. Good quality batteries ensure that you don't run into any complexity like the lock turning dead suddenly or the components of the lock melting due to excessive heating.
Hafele has all of its digital locks equipped with premium standard lithium batteries that last for 8000 cycles (or approximately one year), thus providing you with an entirely hassle-free experience. Moreover, Hafele's digital lock beeps an alarm when the battery is low. If the battery drains out completely, it can be easily replaced by a new one.

2. Multiple Access Modes
While choosing a smart lock, one must buy one that comes with multiple access modes. This is because digital locks that only come with one access mode such as a Keypad PIN have a high chance of being seen by someone besides you or even hacked by an intruder if it is operated via Wi-Fi.
To counter this, the Hafele digital locks come with multiple access modes which offer excellent security features, thus ensuring ultimate safety. Our Keypad access mode can be used without worry, as digital locks allow the user to hide their numeric password between random numbers. This ensures that the PIN cannot be revealed to a person standing next to you.
Moreover, Hafele smart locks offer you a wide range of input options such as fingerprint, mechanical key, RFID, or face recognition. You can even combine two authentication modes together to further increase home safety. For example, you can use a fingerprint to unlock the first step and then enter a PIN code to finally unlock the door.

3. App Connectivity
Always choose such electronic door locks that help you smartly manage and control them using an app. It helps you to track anyone who tries to access the lock and even lets you know about potential intruders.
With the Hafele Access Share App, you can even share a temporary password with your friend, family member, or house help right from the app itself, thereby giving them access to unlock your door for a defined period. You can change the password, add or delete fingerprints or faces to be recognized. You can do it anywhere, anytime. It is just simple and quick enough to manage all of these using an app on your smartphone.

4. Better Durability
The digital lock installed on the door is such a device that is used a dozen times daily. Therefore, the digital lock should be made of such a material that can withstand a lot of usages. The digital lock should not get easily scratched and stained by dirt or sweat. Apart from this, the metals, hooks, pins, and other mechanical materials used inside the device should not be too sensitive to break and rupture. Hafele manufactures such premium digital locks that are sturdy, have great durability, and will last you for a long time!

5. Good Design and Quality
If you invest in getting a smart digital lock for securing your home, you should also check if it looks appealing to your eyes. Moreover, it would be the first device that you will encounter as you enter your home. So, apart from being smart, it must be aesthetically pleasing and capture the attention of your guests or relatives. Hafele’s digital lock comes up in various materials such as wood, aluminium or glass. Choose the one that best fits your requirement.
So, are you looking to buy the best door lock in India and upgrade your lifestyle and strengthen the protection of your family and belongings? Then, we encourage you to choose Hafele's digital locks to secure your house as we have multiple options available that offer you the best-in-class product, excellent brand features, and good customer service.

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