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24 Sep 2021

5 Reasons to Upgrade to Digital Door Locks

As our living patterns have transformed over the few decades, home security is one area that has seen immense changes. Gone are the days when we are forced to carry around the key to our door or padlock everywhere, constantly checking if it is still safely resting in our pockets. Now, with the entry of smart digital door locks into the market, it is high time we upgrade and free ourselves from carrying around house keys. Read ahead as we list out the reasons why digital locks are better equipped to handle our home security today.

1. You Can Enjoy A Convenient Keyless Experience
The biggest perk of opting for a digital lock is that you get to leave the traditional key system behind forever. This makes it convenient to enter the home, as there is no fumbling around for keys in your pocket or purse. No more hiding it insecurely under the door mat or entrusting it to your neighbors!
The fact is that keys can be lost or stolen, which is why a digital lock provides way better safety. It is far easier to type in a password or scan your fingerprint for home access! In fact - if you’re using the Hafele Re-Veal digital door lock, all you have to do is smile at its face recognition sensor to gain access! Its face recognition feature is so accurate that it reads about 170 points on a user’s face and will only allow the registered user inside. Not even a twin emulating the same expression that was pre-set would be able to access your access recognition.

2. You Will Never Be Locked Out of Your Home Again!
How many times have we forgotten our keys inside the house, thus being locked out? In such cases - one needs to wait for another family member to arrive home or worse, a locksmith needs to be called to break the lock. With modern digital locks, one needn't go through so many hassles to access the door as you only have to type in the password.
And even if one tends to forget numeric passwords, it is practically impossible to be locked out as Hafele digital locks come with multiple access modes such as fingerprint access, face recognition, RFID (radio frequency identification) etc. In fact, two of these modes can be combined to create a unique authentication for better security.

3. You Will Know Who Accessed The Lock at All Times.
Our lifestyles have changed a lot over the years, where one has to be constantly out of the home for short or long periods due to work. During this time, our homes need to be accessible to a few key people like the domestic help coming in for household chores or children returning from school.
In such cases, electronic locks can be super helpful as they allow you to set multiple passwords that can be assigned to particular people. Moreover, Hafele Re-veal digital lock is also equipped with 'Smart Visitor Capture Image' that tracks who is entering or exiting the home. This image and video feed can be viewed live or later on the mobile app.

4. Digital locks offer you advanced security features
A house key that falls into the wrong hands can easily compromise your home security. When you use digital locks, you are already prepared with advanced security features to counter break-ins. Most Hafele digital locks offer tons of such premium features, a few of which are listed below -

● These locks allow you to hide your password between random numbers, which is useful if you don't want to reveal the password to a person next to you.

● These locks also have a low tolerance for unauthorised visitors! 5 to 10 incorrect password entries will immediately freeze the lock for up to 5 minutes, reducing the possibility of break-ins.

● The Hafele Reveal digital lock can also provide you with images of the unregistered user who tried to access your home.

5. You can customise the digital lock as per your needs
Due to its various features, a digital lock can be customised as per your needs! Whether you feel like changing the passcodes every month or want to connect a video door phone to interact with your visitors - all these things are possible without you having to replace your lock for years. And if you are someone who travels a lot for work, the Hafele Re-Mote digital door lock can help you manage your home access remotely from anywhere in the world!

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