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Add a New Perspective to Home Security with Hafele Digital Locks
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11 Jan 2022

Add a new perspective to your home security with Hafele Digital Locks

Technology has evolved rapidly over the last decade, altering the way we live. Smartphones have replaced traditional landlines and smart TVs have changed the way we consume content. While technology is at the forefront of these smart evolutions, there is a growing need to put technology in use to stay safe and secure. 

Traditional lock-and-key systems have kept our homes and offices safe. As a society, it’s tough to replace a system that has worked reasonably well. However, with the changing times, burglars too are getting smarter by the day, breaching the traditional systems quite easily. 

Hence, the adoption of smart and alternative solutions, such as a digital lock, is the key that expands the horizons of home security.

Hafele’s smart digital door locks offer integrated digital access control systems that provide more security, more convenience and a smarter lifestyle. It offers numerous benefits but not limited to:

1. Remote access 

2. Selective access

3. Access rights

4. Intruder break-in alarm

5. Numerous locking modes

6. Visitor image capture

7. Smart night vision

8. Video interaction

9. Mechanical keys for emergency access

10. Smart alarms

Apart from the above security-related benefits, Hafele’s digital locks are easier to install and maintain, highly user-friendly, and offer high security for homes and offices. 

The digital locks by Hafele ensure that you don’t leave anything to chance. They answer the common challenges that orbit around the conventional lock-and-key mechanism with ease. It allows you to capture numerous multi-dimensional aspects of home access and security through a single locking device, as per your lifestyle and at the leisure of your convenience. 

1. Latest Techniques to Access Your Home

Face Recognition - The digital door locks by Hafele offer useful and quick access to your home by just a scan of your face. A facial scan is done for over 170 points on the face, thereby making it the most precise and secure method of access.

Alongside, Hafele Digital Locks also offers:

a) Capacitive fingerprint access and FBI approved SILK ID scan which can detect your fingerprint even if your finger is oily, wet or dry. 

b) Password access allows you to set up up to 100 passwords with different access rights.

c) RFID access unlocks the door upon recognizing the unique code embedded in the keycard. Additionally, with the Mifare contactless technology, the access code can easily be configured within your Mifare enabled credit card, thus, eliminating the need to carry an additional keycard. 

d) Remote control access ensures that the door can be unlocked if you are within 10m of the lock. 

2. Additional Security Features 

Hafele ensures that the digital door security systems secure your home through a host of locking modes as well as different access rights for various types of users.

Locking Modes

a) Privacy Locking Mode - This mode can be enabled from the inside by pressing a safety button on the rear lock body and is used to restrict access into your home.

b) Defense Locking Mode - The Defense mode can be enabled from the outside by pressing a button on the front lock body and is used to notify if someone is trying to leave the house.

c) Auto Locking Mode - In this mode, the door gets locked automatically 2 seconds after it closes. 

d) Manual Locking Mode - This mode can be enabled for doors that are positioned in areas that have high movement traffic.

Access Rights

a) a) First Admin Rights – The first Admin registered not only allows you to add, modify and delete an admin and users’ guest access rights, but also can access the settings, check logs, modify rights and do much more. 

b) Admin Rights - These are the rights to whom access is given to the ‘next in command’.  The rights allow users to add, modify and delete a new user and access rights of admin users and guests.

c) User Rights - This right allows the user to access home at any given point of time through a given pre-set unique password.

d) Guest Rights - A one-time password can be set for visiting guests and allow them to your home.

Smart Technologies that Aid in Daily Operations 

Hafele’s Digital Door Locks are made with smart technologies that enhance convenience, allow ease-of-use and bring in added security.

a) Smart Password - The Smart Password technology allows you to hide your numeric password between random numbers so that no one can identify your password easily.

b) Smart Security - With the different access modes available in the Hafele Digital Locks, you can enable additional security by combining two access authentications. E.g. Numeric password with face recognition.

c) Smart Freeze - 5-10 wrong entries, either password or fingerprint results in a lock freeze for 5 minutes, thus reducing the possibility of a break-in.

With such extraordinary features and benefits, it’s time to adapt to digital locks by Hafele for a secured home. 

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