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Key Benefits of using smart digital locks in your office
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Young man opening glass door installed with Hafele smart digital lock
21 Dec 2021

Advantages of Smart Digital Locks for your Office

Corporate parks, public workplaces, and offices, big or small, need an advanced security system that allows access only to assigned personnel. This prevents intruders and bypassers from entering the premises and thus establishes a secure environment for the co-workers. Having a smart lock system provides safety to the building and the people. It also comes with various features that aid in the convenient management of employees. 

With a traditional lock and key padlock at busy locations such as your work premises, that receives a high daily footfall, managing the entry and exit of people could prove to be an inconvenient task. Therefore, electronic door locks are a requirement as well as a necessity in today’s time. To understand things in a better way, here are a few benefits of installing a smart digital lock at your workplace. 

Improved Security

When you have to provide access to your office employees, you need to ensure that things run smoothly. The latest features of digital locks that include keypad-based passwords and smart RFID cards are convenient options for such use. 

Offices contain expensive machines, essential devices, valuable and confidential documents that, when misplaced or stolen, can lead to severe consequences. Therefore digital locks keep you updated on who all have been granted permission to enter the premises and thus eliminate the chances of intrusion by any unauthorized personnel. 

Mere Presence Can Do Wonders

Unlike traditional padlocks with the same old fashioned shape and look, the digital door locks come with a unique and elegant design. Not only are these locks visually appealing, but they also complement the space and interiors of the office. 

As you know, places with CCTV cameras, alarm systems, and sensors alert people that they are under surveillance. Similarly, a smart access system acts as a visual deterrence and discourages any intruder to break-in.

Manage it Remotely

Smart door locks with remote access features allow the office admin or higher management to effortlessly manage the entry and exit using a simple mobile app. Hafele makes a wide range of smart electronic locks that are controlled remotely using the 'Hafele Access' app. The office admins can easily add, update, and delete the password or remove access for certain individuals who are assigned to use this feature. 

Keep an Easy Check on Everyone

Large offices with multiple cabins and rooms might need a system that allows only certain people to access those areas. Upgrading to electronic locks will help you customize the extent of permission allotted to people to enter various spaces in the workplace. For example, you want only the accountant and revenue manager to access the accountant's cabin, as it contains essential documents from banks, checks, confidential credentials and more. You can easily do so with the wide range of features of digital locks. Moreover, these modern locks automatically feed the time when someone enters or exits through the door. This lets you know whether employees are entering and exiting the office on time. 

If you are looking for a high-quality glass door lock for the office then Hafele’s RE-Tro can be a great choice for you. Moreover, since it follows an easy clamping system, it does not require any prework or cut-outs on the glass door. 

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