Amazing Things to Know About Hafele's Re-Twist Digital Lock

Things to Know About Re-Twist Digital Lock - Amazing Features | Hafele Digital Locks
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16 Jun 2022

Amazing Things to Know About Hafele's Re-Twist Digital Lock

Hafele's digital door locks have gained massive popularity due to their superior functional precision, enticing contemporary designs, superb technology, and incredible security features that offer high-class safety at your fingertips.

It adds comfort to your life by taking away all the hassle of finding a key, keeping it safe, or even sharing its access with any loved one/visitor when away.

The RE-Twist digital security door lock is one such high-caliber safety system you can install for your home or your office. Let's take a look at five awesome things you should know about the lock.

Things You Should Know About Hafele's Re-Twist Digital Lock

1. It Provides Security At Your Fingertips

Advanced technologies like fingerprints are fascinating technological innovations available at your fingertips. They are helping us through several applications, one such being the digital door locks.

Fingerprint door locks use the biometric information of the owner to grant access to the premises. This enables you to be extra assured of a safer home.

2. It Offers Smart Access

Apart from the regular features such as:

● Smart Password that hides its numeric between random numbers

● Smart Freeze that automatically freezes the door after detecting break-in or inappropriate access, and,

● Smart Voice for voice instructions with handling the device,


RE-Twist is upgraded with one more smart feature, called Smart Access.

Smart Access allows a visitor to access your residence without any password. All they need to do is press "9" and then "#."

When it's done, an access request is sent to your mobile. Being the administrator of your home's safety system, you can allow or deny access to the visitor right from where you would be at that moment.

Additionally, if the visitor presses the doorbell key, the admin will receive a request to open the door through his/ her mobile application.

3. It Is Fortified With Intelligent Locking Modes

RE-Twist security door locks offer two locking modes:

  • One is the Auto-locking mode that automatically locks the door within 2 seconds after its closing, so you don't need to double-check whether it's locked.
  • Another one is the Privacy Locking mode, which allows you to lock the door from inside by twisting the knob on the rear lock body, thus restricting access to your home.

4. It Provides Effortless Access With Doorbells

RE-Twist includes the functionality of a doorbell within the lock body, thus eliminating the need to install a separate doorbell module.

That's not it for RE-Twist. This excellent quality security door lock enables sending an access request to the admin's number when any visitor presses the doorbell. Thus, keeping all the controls in your hands, irrespective of your physical presence.

5. It's Secured With Intelligent Password Technology

Hafele locks are enriched with different types of password technologies, including Permanent passwords used by the owner regularly to access the door and Period password that grants access to visitors for a limited time to allow multiple entries and exits.

However, RE-Twist digital locks are armed with another feature called Dynamic password for one-time visitors like the delivery agents, mail carriers, and more. It allows them temporary access into your house, for say, 5 minutes, to enter your home, drop their deliverables and exit your premises.

It feels exceptionally satisfactory to be doubly assured of a safe and protected home, even when we are miles away. Digital door locks and their phenomenal technologies are why we can feel this leisure. We should adapt to equally modern and intelligent devices with today's fast-paced, smart life.

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