Check Out the Tips to Take Care of And Maintain Your

Tips to Take Care of and Maintain Your Digital Lock | Hafele Digital Locks
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03 Oct 2022

Check Out the Tips to Take Care of And Maintain Your Digital Lock

Digital locks are smart technology devices that protect your home and office single-handedly. 

Hafele’s digital smart door locks are high-quality and are known for their smart features, elegantly mesmerizing designs, outstanding productivity, and easy adaptability.

Every smart door lock from Hafele is made with a single goal of making the user’s life more convenient and secure.

However, digital locks are electronic devices that need care and maintenance to work efficiently for a longer period.

Let’s see some fantastic tips and tricks you should use to take care of and maintain your digital home locks.

Battery Caution

● Check the battery’s tear fluid and terminal condition once in a while. Ensure the batteries are correctly inserted following the device’s polarity

● Inserting batteries in the wrong direction of polarity might result in fluid tears or bursts

● Hafele’s smart door locks as Re-Veal come with batteries that need to be recharged after the “low Battery” alert is shown

● Whenever you charge any battery, make sure you use the original chargers only

● Replace all batteries with new ones when they get depleted. Never mix new and old batteries. Never club them with different brands

Keep The Locks Clean

● Clean the devices regularly with a soft and dry cloth to keep them safe from any dirt and dust accumulation

● Ensure you keep your finger, screen, and camera clean while using the product

● Make sure you use a recommended cleaning solution only

Avoid Any Force Or Damage To The Locks

● Digital locks are strong; however, you need to take care you do not operate them forcefully. 

The locks need to be cared for and handled carefully. Avoid banging or slamming doors with excessive force.

For instance, one of Hafele’s digital door locks, RE-Split, is furnished with a lever lock door handle. The lever design gives the lock a firm grip, thus preventing your hand from slipping.

It would be best if you didn’t push this lever with too much force. The lever is made with the intention of smooth operation and convenience.

Keep The Device Safe From Weather Conditions

● Ensure the device is away from any hazards caused due to weather conditions. 

● Keep a check on the seasonal changes and that your smart digital door locks are away from the sudden temperature changes, dew condensations of winters, and showers of rains.

Keep Digital Locks Away From Children

● Digital door locks come with valuable materials and auxiliary parts. Besides, they appear attractive to kids due to their voice notifications, the displayed lights, and the colorful appearance of the locks.

● Your children might unknowingly press the keypad digits repeatedly, which might cause malfunctioning or damage to the lock.

Therefore, you must ensure you keep your child away from the locks.

One solution is installing the locks at a certain height that is out of your child’s reach.

Hafele smart digital door locks are excellent products, and with proper care and regular maintenance, you can improve their life expectancy. The longer these locks last, the safer and more protected your stay.

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