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Hafele’s RE-Mote door lock getting unlock with help of smartphone
05 Mar 2022

Discover How Hafele’s RE-Mote Provides Smarter Security For Your Home

Is your conventional lock effective enough to secure your home, family, and property? Today, when cases of thefts are on the rise, relying on a keyed lock is not enough. Why not look for an advanced security system for your home or office? 

In recent times, digital locks have been gaining popularity in the market. The reason is they are smart, convenient, and boost your home security. Hafele’s RE-Mote is one such modern digital lock designed to meet all your security needs.

True to its name, Hafele’s RE-Mote digital lock allows you to enjoy easy access to your home from anywhere at anytime. Isn’t that great? 

Another significant advantage of this digital lock is that it works on an offline system without any integration to the web, therefore, protecting all your critical data and passwords from getting hacked. The digital lock operates on Bluetooth technology via the Hafele Access mobile application and enables you remotely manage and monitor home security. 

Other than the access, there are plenty of smart features in Hafele’s RE-Mote that simplify your life in many ways. 

  • Smart Password to hide your numeric Password 

While accessing your home, have you ever felt the fear that your password may get revealed to a person standing next to you? There is no need to worry anymore! Hafele’s RE-Mote supports a smart password technology that gives you the power to hide your numeric password between random numbers. This feature ensures that no one can identify your password. 

  • Smart Freeze to reduce unwanted break-ins 

Hafele’s RE-Mote digital lock reduces the possibilities of unwanted break-ins with its smart freeze feature. 5 to 10 wrong entries of access, either an incorrect password or unfamiliar fingerprint, freezes the lock for up to 5 minutes. 

  • Smart Voice to guide you step-by-step 

How does it feel when your digital lock talks to you and guides you to set the security functions in a step-by-step manner? Hafele’s RE-Mote comes with smart voice technology that talks to you when you engage with the lock. The voice notifications from the digital lock allow you to set password, operate various modes and other functions. 

  • Smart Etiquettes to adjust the volume 

As Hafele’s RE-Mote can talk to you, it provides you with the facility to adjust the volume of the lock voice. You can seamlessly increase or decrease the voice volume or put it on mute as per your requirement. Putting your digital lock on mute, especially when you are entering your home in the late hours of the night, ensures that your neighbours can have a peaceful sleep without getting disturbed.

  • Smart Video Phone to interact with your visitor 

Hafele’s RE-Mote can be paired to an existing video door phone using a simple radio frequency unit. Once connected, your video door phone and digital lock work effortlessly as one device, thereby giving you the convenience of interacting with a visitor at your doorstep and enabling you to unlock the door to a person through the key button on your video door phone. 

With so many exceptional features and benefits, Hafele’s RE-Mote offers you the smarter way to access your home at the convenience of your fingertips.

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