Effective Ways To Stop Your Smart Security System From Being Tampered

Effective Ways to Secure Your Smart Lock Security System from Being Tampered
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28 Nov 2022

Effective Ways To Stop Your Smart Security System From Being Tampered

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No matter how advanced it is, technology is subject to tampering. 

The more technology improves our lives, some miscreants in society will always find a way to creep into and cause harm. 

Digital door locks are not an exception either, so it becomes crucial to protect them from intruders and cybercriminals.

You can take specific preventive measures and certain practical steps to secure your home and office security system from trespassers.

Choose the right security solution.

Choosing the right and most suitable security solution according to your needs is a tough decision but needs to be taken with maximal responsibility.

Besides, installing a security solution for your home is a one-time effort and hence should be given proper time and research before you make the final purchase.

Therefore, to start with, select a brand that has proven its competence over a longer period, and Hafele stands still as the first choice when it comes to reliability and product quality.

Hafele smart digital door locks such as RE-Mote door lock are not easy to hack and are equipped with all the necessary encryptions to keep your data safe.

In fact, our high-quality digital door locks offer multiple authentication modes such as fingerprint, smart passwords, face recognition, Wi-Fi connectivity, locking modes, etc., that provide a shield of ultimate protection to your home.

Hafele smart door locks are designed after rigorously analysing the loopholes in other security solutions and checking for all the precautionary measures that are essentially needed to be taken to resolve every minor defect.

This has helped us construct locks that are highly secure and flawless.

When products pass rigid scrutiny, they make it practically impossible to hack the system.

Change Your Credentials As Frequently As Possible

Although digital locks are generally more secure than standard locks, it is still essential to take precautionary measures to protect them from hacking. You can follow some simple steps to prevent unauthorized access to data in a system. In the case of digital door locks, this data consists of passwords, patterns, pins, numeric codes, etc.

  • Create super strong passwords
  • Change your password as frequently as possible.
  • Avoid sharing your password with anyone
  • Avoid writing the passwords, numeric pins/codes, etc., in your diary or any other note. Even if you forget your password in the future, there are ways to help you reset your password. 
  • Do not repeat the same password for all your authentication modes

Make Effective Use Of Different Types Of Password Options Available In Hafele Smart Locks

  • Period Passwords are a brilliant password option that grants visitors access to use your property for a while, say maybe a few hours or days, and for multiple entries and exits, without letting them know the permanent password. 

For instance, Hafele locks like RE-Inspire has this feature, and when your visitor wishes to gain access to your property for a few hours, you can share the Period password, and you don’t have to share other access details with anyone.

  • Similarly, Dynamic passwords, as used in Hafele locks like RE-Inforce, are yet another fantastic technology specially designed for one-time visitors like your mailman or a delivery guy. 

This password remains valid for 5 minutes and allows multiple entries and exits during these 5 minutes only. After 5 min, the door gets locked automatically, securing your home again. 

  • Apart from these two password types, Hafele Locks like RE-Twist are armed with Smart Password technology that effectively hides your numeric password between random numbers. 

For instance, say you are back home along with one of your friends and need to access your home. However, they being beside you would make it awkward for you to type the password while ensuring not to reveal it to your friend.

The smart password feature is helpful in these scenarios, wherein you can quickly type your numeric password hidden in random numbers. 

Suppose your password is 34587961, which you can hide between random numbers before and after the password. So, when you enter, you type 76234587961346. 

This way, you type your password, you secure your home, and at the same time, don’t hurt your friend for mistrust.

Guest Rights Feature

Hafele locks come with yet another out-of-box feature called the “Guest Rights,” wherein you can set an OTP (one-time password) for occasional visitors.

As it’s a one-time password, you can allow the visitor to get entrance within your property while you are away on a trip, but, at the same time, you make sure it is just a one-time sharing.

You Can Derive Benefits from Advanced Features like Smart Freeze

Smart Freeze is an intelligently active feature used in Hafele locks like RE-Push that holds zero tolerance towards repetitive incorrect entries.

For instance, if anyone tries to tamper with your security system with a certain number of incorrect entries or unfamiliar fingerprints, the locks freeze for 5 minutes, giving you ample time to take the necessary action and prevent any possible intrusion.

Hafele digital door locks have taken all the required precautions to ensure we provide the ultimate security solution for you and your loved one’s safety.

Hence, it is your priority too to take proper care of the devices and not let any single error take a toll on your protection.

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