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Features of Hafele’s RE-Mote Digital Door Lock You Have To Know
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11 Jan 2022

Features of Hafele’s Re-Mote Digital Lock You Have To Know

When it comes to home security, there have been technological advancements that allow you to look beyond the traditional padlock. This has resulted in the emergence of keyless digital door locks that offer numerous advantages over traditional locks. 

The entire idea behind a smart door lock is to add a layer of security as well as improve your home’s security measures to a great extent. Alongside, digital locks add convenience to your daily life, lifestyle and functionality. 

Hafele’s Re-Mote digital door lock is a new age home security system that not only secures your home with remote access, anytime, anywhere but also adds much-desired ornamentation to your door. 

Apart from the above, Re-Mote offers some striking features which are bound to ensure a smart upgrade to your home access and security. 

1. Smartly Secure

The beauty of Hafele’s RE-Mote digital lock is that it works on an offline system with no integration to the web. Defies logic, right? 

This magic happens due to the synchronization of the smart digital lock with the ‘Hafele Access’ mobile application via Bluetooth technology. It is an offline lock that gives you a safer upgrade when comparing between traditional locks or wifi integrated digital locks. Thus, it secures your home and your passwords from getting hacked.  

2. Smart Technological Integration

You can now enjoy multiple access possibilities with Hafele’s Re-Mote smart digital lock. Through numerous technological integrations, you get to:

a. Set a smart password that allows you to hide your numeric password between random numbers.

b. Get smart voice guidance that aids in exploring various functions and setting/using them correctly.

c. Reduce the possibility of unwanted break-ins as the lock smartly freezes itself for up to 5 minutes in case of incorrect access entries.  

3. Smart Access

With the combination of numerous smart technologies, the Re-Mote digital lock offers an integrated security solution. You can easily control the opening and closing of the door through the Bluetooth enabled key, using Hafele’s mobile application.  

This is how it works:

1. On the Hafele Access application, when the password type is selected, the app will prompt the user to complete a few steps in order to auto-generate the code (depending on the password type).

2. All password types have an activation period of 24 hours from the time the code is generated by the mobile app (except for one-time password (OTP) for which the activation period is 6 hours and Bluetooth Key which can be instantly activated).

After the activation period passes, when the user or a guest enters the password into the lock, due to the shared algorithm, the lock understands details like the type and validity of the password as well as the activation period and accordingly grants access to the user/guest. 

Voila! It's 'Open Sesame' in modern times.

Also, you can easily share the activation link (Bluetooth Key Sharing) via any messaging service to the person whom you want to welcome to your home. Additionally, it’s so smart that it doesn’t allow you to unlock someone else's lock with your app. 

Apart from the above-mentioned exclusive features, Re-Mote also offers numerous other features such as:

1. 4 types of access modes - Keypad, RFID card, Mechanical Key and Bluetooth Enabled Key

2. 5 types of password setting - Permanent Password, Period Password, One Time Password, Scheduled Password and Bluetooth Key Sharing

3. 4 types of locking modes   - Auto Locking, Manual Locking, Privacy Locking and Defense Locking

The Bottomline

So, if you are looking for a smart digital lock for your home but are afraid of your home network getting hacked, then with the above-mentioned features, Hafele’s Re-Mote digital lock is the perfect solution.

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