Going on a Holiday? We have a solution to protect your home until you're back

Best solution to protect your home while you're away on a vacation
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28 Nov 2022

Going on a Holiday? We have a solution to protect your home until you're back

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Vacations are to enjoy quality time away from routine hassles and not worry about what's going on back home. 

And if this happens, you need assurance that your home is well-protected!

This assurity of "everything is in control" comes when you secure your home with advanced technology locks, which are highly secure and almost impossible to access.

Hafele's smart digital door locks come with high-standard features that ensure safety for your home and give you a sense of trust that the control is in your hands, even when you are miles away.

With this, let's move with the article and understand why digital locks are so reliable and how effectively you can use them.

Why Digital Door Locks Are Considered Secure?

Hafele's digital door locks are furnished with some of the distinguished features that qualify them as one of the most reliable and trustworthy security solutions.

Every digital lock from Hafele comes with excellent functions, including different types of locking modes, password options, access modes, smart features, and more.

Why Hafele's Digital Door Locks Are the Best Home Security Solution When on a Vacation?

We will discuss some features that ensure the safety of your home from the start of your journey to your return. 

Door Not Locked Alarm

Let's start with your leaving day. Once done with all the packing; usually, you would have pulled the traditional lock several times to double check if it's locked properly. 

Digital locks come with an easy solution to this constant trepidation with its "Door not Locked Alarm" feature. The alarm sets off in case the deadbolt is not correctly clamped or the door is still unlocked.

Therefore, you can enjoy your travel and not keep worrying about whether you locked it correctly or not!

Long-Lasting Battery Life

Whether your vacation is for a week or a month, Hafele has covered you with its long-duration AA batteries, which have been tested to run on an average of 3000 opening-closing cycles, which are approximately three months. 

This means you don't have to worry about the battery going off when enjoying on the beach or mountaineering over high peaks.

Besides one of our high-end products, RE-Veal comes with rechargeable lithium batteries which have been tested to run on an average of 8000 opening-closing cycles, which is about one year when fully charged.

Admin Access Rights

Admin access rights are excellent, and one of the fundamental features in digital door locks like RE-Inforce and RE-Twist.

The first registered user is always a super admin, who holds the overall control and access rights and can monitor the door lock even if away from home.

The super admin can add, modify, or delete "next in command" admin rights and guest access rights. This way, you know no one can enter your property without your permission.

Smart And Secure Password Setup And Keypad Access

The smart password and keypad access guarantee no one enters your property premises without access. 

So, when you are busy river rafting, the only thought that must come to your mind is your balance, not whether someone is trying to intrude in your house.

Smart Freeze

This feature exemplifies why Hafele Digital Locks are the best and most trustworthy. Hafele Digital Locks like RE-Inforce, RE-Inspire, RE-Push, RE-Split, RE-Twist, RE-Veal, RE-Tro, RE-Design+, RE-Mote and RE-AL come with a "smart freeze" feature.

This feature freezes the lock for up to 5min if it identifies any incorrect entries. These 5 min are sufficient for you to take appropriate action and thus prevent any possible break-in situation.

Smart Intruder Capture

When you are back with all the fun and your filled polaroid cam, Hafele locks, too, have something exciting to show you.

Hafele's RE-Veal "Smart Intruder Capture" lets you see who visited your place in your absence.

You can view the captured image of every visitor who visited your place in your absence. The captured image is recorded which you can see in your mobile app later.

Hafele has always been a customer brand, and our utmost priority is improving our customers' lives.

Digital door locks are yet another of our attempts to make your life better, secure, and safe, even when you are away from home.

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