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Hafele Digital Locks Range to Secure Your Home
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04 Apr 2022

Hafele digital locks range to secure your home

The sheer nature of time and evolution is dynamic. From allowing friendly neighbours to enter your home in your absence to putting a double lock on your front door before you leave the house, times surely have changed. Now, the priority of a homeowner is to ensure optimum security and protection of their homes in their absence as well as presence. 

Moving on from a traditional lock and key systems to smart locks is a trend that has been witnessed among current homeowners. While the addition of a CCTV to a lock and key system provides you with live footage of your main door, it does not exactly protect your home from being broken into. On the other hand, the installation of a smart lock in place of the traditional system can surely ensure less or no tampering with the device and in turn, aid in protecting your home from being wiped clean by thieves. 

Hafele noticed this gap in the market and designed high-tech security systems that ensure full-proof protection of your home at any given time of the day. Our range of digital security locks function with the latest technology that gives you the assurance and confidence to enjoy your time away from home. 

If you wish to install a technologically updated security system to protect your home, our array of products is perfect for you to choose from:


Stuck at a meeting in the office and your house help is waiting at your doorstep? There is no need to worry or hurry. With Hafele’s Re-Mote Digital lock, you can generate a password remotely through our mobile application, ‘Hafele Access’ and share that with the concerned person who needs to unlock the door. This security device provides multiple features and benefits namely, Smart Password, Smart Freeze, Low Battery Alarm, among others. They also come with 4 main access modes including Key-pad or Password, RFID, Mechanical Key, and Bluetooth Enabled Key. Now you can generate a new password at any time from anywhere due to its offline system that is not integrated to the web. Due to its offline mechanism, your passwords and data are secure from hackers.


Bringing to you a security solution that is upgraded with the latest technology, updated features, and enhancements. This digital lock, as the name suggests, caters to the real security problems that you face. The device comes with a user-friendly interface, optimum design, and 4 different access modes namely, Fingerprint, Key Pad, RFID and Mechanical Key. As they say, ‘The more, the merrier’!


This digital lock is synonymous with the highest level of security- Face Recognition. The Re-Veal digital lock goes the extra mile to add a highly secure function to unlock your main door. Enter with a smile is the motto of this user-friendly high-tech device that scans 170 facial points and will only unlock the system if you exactly emulate the expression that was pre-set as your access recognition. The system comes with 5 access modes including Face Recognition, Finger Print, Key Pad, RFID and Mechanical Key and allows you to combine two access modes to further increase the security of your home. 


Your home is not the only space that requires security, your office does too! Re-Tro by Hafele is the perfect digital lock to improve the security of your office. This device requires absolutely no pre-work or no cut-outs for installation on a glass door. Now, protect all your important documents and information in your office cabin with Hafele’s Re-Tro that comes with 2 different access modes including Key-pad or Password and RFID .


As the name suggests, this digital lock comes with exceptional functionality and an aesthetically appealing look. Re-Design+ is one such device that is the epitome of the perfect combination of security and elegance. This high-tech security system comes with 4 access modes including Capacitive Fingerprint, Key-pad or Password, RFID, and Mobile App Access via Bluetooth that allows you to operate it via the Hafele Smart Lock mobile application. 

Investing in a high-tech security system such as a digital lock from Hafele is a rational choice that will ensure improved security of your home at all times. It will ensure a convenient entry into and exit from your home. Digital Locks also act as an embellishment for your front door and ensure a good first impression of your choices on your guests!

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