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Smiling kid opening door installed with Hafele’s RE-Split Digital Lock
20 Jul 2022

What Makes Hafele’s RE-Split Digital Lock a Smart Security Solution?

With the advent of the 21st century, a considerable escalation can be seen in the technological sphere. This technological growth is not limited to any particular field but is getting into every aspect of the universe.

Hafele is contributing to this leap with its high caliber technologically advanced security door locks.

Here, we are particularly looking into the futuristic specifications and features of one of their remarkable digital door lock, RE-Split.

Key Specifications of RE-Split Digital Door Lock

This aesthetically designed smart lock comes with a matt black finish, advanced components, and modern functions that take the concept of home security to the next level.

Contemporary Features

    ● It is packed with highly contemporary compact solutions that give a breakthrough experience in security systems.

    ● This lock is a unique device that blends its functionalities with a lever lock door handle into one frame, thus flashing its distinguishing visual feature. Lever design provides a firm and convenient grip while preventing your hand from slipping.

    ● The high-end Bluetooth technology of this lock allows you to set multiple access possibilities for yourself and your visitors through different password configurations on your mobile device.

Smart Features

    ● The Smart Mobile App Configuration function allows you to configure and set up the lock with the help of the Hafele Smart Living Mobile Application. This configuration facilitates easy operation right through the mobile application of your smartphone.

    ● Smart Voice enables in-depth voice instructions to better understand how the device operates. It also provides voice notifications for various operative modes or incorrect lock usage.

Highly Secure Password System

    ● Among other types of password systems accommodated in this lock, the Dynamic Password is one of the unique features of this digital lock. It is a password that stays valid for 5 minutes and allows multiple entries and exits within this short period. This password is primarily generated for first-time visitors like mail carriers and delivery agents. Interestingly, this password can be generated even if you are away from the lock.

Apart from Dynamic Password, the RE-Split digital door lock is equipped with three more types of passwords, including:

    ● The permanent password is regularly used by the property owner and remains active unless reset.

    ● Period Password is a limited-time password that can be used by guests who wish to use your property for just a few hours or days.

    ● The temporary password is valid only for a guest’s single entry and expires after 24 hours.

Highly Secure Locking Modes

    ● Passage locking mode is one of the innovative and unique features of the RE-Split digital lock that enable entry into the property without needing any authentication or key. It is especially beneficial during home gatherings or parties wherein multiple visitors and repeated entries and exits are expected.

It allows the door to open by pulling the lever handle down even when it is locked from the inside.

    ● Auto-locking mode, as evident from the name, automatically locks the door latch within 2 seconds of its closure, thus restricting any further access to your property.

The RE-Split smart door lock with a lever handle is equipped with exceptional features and visionary functions that offer a brilliantly comprehensive standard of security at the comfort of your fingertips.

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