Make Your Home Security Effortless with Hafele's RE-Push Digital Lock

Make Home Security Better with Hafele's Re-Push Digital Lock | Hafele Digital Locks
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20 Jul 2022

Make Your Home Security Effortless with Hafele's RE-Push Digital Lock

Hafele is known for its innovative perspective and integrated approach when designing its products. Especially when it comes to home security solutions, Hafele has always been a pioneer in innovative technologies, and RE-Push digital lock is yet another notch in their belt.

Its elegant design with copper finish and sharp-cut figure make it a perfect ally to define your home security and give a classy look to your modern home.

Let's check out some key features that set it apart from other locks.

What Makes Hafele's RE-Push Digital Lock An Effortless Solution For Your Home Security Concerns?

RE-Push lock is designed to focus on your comfort, providing optimum interface and effortless operation in one solution.

It is also a perfectly suitable device that is highly compatible with your fast-paced ultra-modern lifestyle. Its multitude of advanced functions enhances your home safety.

We focus on ergonomic and technological aspects that are effectively consolidated in our smart door locks in India, making them more convenient and easier to operate.

Key Specifications of RE-Push Digital Lock You Should Know

RE-Push digital door lock comes with standard features that add to their reliability.

High-end Accessibility

    ● It is easily accessible via the Hafele Smart lock app and can be operated at your convenience.

    ● It comes with four additional access modes, including, Keypad, RFID, Fingerprint, and Bluetooth accessibility.

Systematic Passwords

    ● The Smart Password function of RE-Push allows you to hide your numeric password within random numbers so that your password is not revealed to any individual who might be standing next to you.

    ● Smart Voice is another smart function that provides step-by-step voice instructions and notifications while operating the smart home lock and understanding the usability of the smart features.

    ● The Smart Freeze function is an intelligent tool that reduces the probability of any possible break-ins. The moment multiple incorrect and unknown entries are detected, the lock automatically freezes for up to 5 minutes, giving you time to take any required action.

    ● Smart Etiquettes is yet another function that makes Hafele a unique brand that thinks from a user perspective. It basically allows you to adjust the volume of the lock by either reducing it or muting completely when accessing it. This feature is especially beneficial when you return home at odd hours and do not wish to disturb your family or neighbors with the noise.

    ● The Scheduled Password feature of this lock is a unique tool that you can set for regular visitors who can follow a definite pre-set pattern to enter the building. This feature is particularly beneficial for staff, domestic maids, and cleaning staff, who visit daily at a scheduled hour. Additionally, the password remains valid only for the scheduled period and lapses ensuring well-defined control and discipline.

    ● The period password enables visitors to access the building during a specific period (a few hours or days) when multiple entries and exits are expected. Such scenarios might arise during any event, vacation, or party where more visitors are anticipated.

    ● Besides, the owner uses the permanent password feature for regular access to the property, which remains active forever until it is changed or reset by the admin or owner himself.

Locking Modes

    ● Multiple locking features like Auto-Locking, Manual Locking, Privacy Locking, and Defense Locking give an additional convenience to choose the security as per your requirement.

    ● Auto-locking enables Automatic Locking of the door after 3 seconds of closing. Manual Locking allows users to physically lock the door by touching the fingerprint scanner as and when required.

    ● On the other hand, Privacy Locking is the feature that locks the door from the inside by pressing a safety button on the rear lock body, which is beneficial to restricting entry into the property.

    ● The Defense Locking system locks the door from the outside by pressing a button on the frontal lock for the home door, primarily used to notify if someone is trying to leave the property.

The RE-Push digital door lock is one of the next-generation gadgets that use cutting-edge technology to ensure a breakthrough remodeling in the home security solutions amicable to this advanced age we all live in.

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