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Redefine Your Home Security with Hafele's New Digital Locks
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23 May 2022

Redefine Your Home Security with Hafele's New Digital Locks

If you still think that your door mattress's underside or that flower pot in your garden are the safest places to hide your house key, this article is important for you.

Not just the thieves, but that stranger passing by your house every day, probably might know your "secret" place. Such negligence in is a high-priority concern like home security has led to a 

Drastic surge in crime rates. It's time you go for a keyless world with smart digital locks and redefine your home security.

With our all-new digital door locks system, your home or offices get a safer security alternative than the traditional lock and key system.

Challenges in Traditional Security System

The vulnerability of the traditional lock and key system has been one of the most considerable concerns for all of us. Most of us have found ourselves trapped in unlikely situations due to the loopholes associated with this system.


● Keys losing or getting stolen.

● Unguarded locks with susceptibility to breakage.

● The easy access of keys to the wrong individuals.

● Inaccessibility of keys to familiar members (visitors, elderly members, children, friends) without your physical presence.

● Illegal unlocking door locks with illicit trick-tools like hairpins, nail cutters, etc.

● The pressure and hard consequences of carrying/forgetting the key bunch everywhere you go.


The increased crime rates are a consequence of these loopholes in the traditional security system. 

Automatic digital door locks by Hafele came as an excellent solution with their multifaceted convenient security systems.

What Solutions Do Hafele Digital Door Locks Provide?

Hafele’s newly launched digital door locks, RE-Split, RE-Inforce, RE- Twist, RE-Design+, RE-Push, and RE-Inspire each come with a variety of additional advanced features like mobile-enabled notifications, alternative connectivity options, Smart Access features, compact designs, and good quality hardware’s including deadbolts and mortise.

Key solutions provided by digital door locks include:

Go Keyless

Carrying keys was a hectic task while forgetting them was even more frightening. With Hafele digital locks, neither do you need to carry that key bunch everywhere, nor need to hold spare keys.

Multiple Connectivity 

These digital door locks come equipped with multiple connectivity options. RE-Inforce comes with built-in Wi-Fi, while RE-Design+, RE-Push, and RE-Inspire are Bluetooth enabled.

Variety of Lock Alternatives

Among the newly launched digital locks, RE-Design+ comes with a Rim Lock, RE-Push comes with a push-pull lock, while RE-Twist comes with push & twist locks.

Armed With the Latest Intelligent Technologies

The latest technologies used in the Hafele locks make it the most reliable security option with a highly secure password system and lock freezing technologies.

Multiple Locking and Access Modes 

Hafele Digital locks are equipped with easy access and operational technologies like a fingerprint, RFID, and built-in Wi-Fi key in addition to mechanical keys(just in case). 

Different locking modes like auto-locking, passage, and privacy locking modes make it easily accessible and the most secure option.

Remote Monitoring

It can be controlled with remotes and smartphones from anywhere, even if you're far away. You can also keep track of any suspicious activity. 

Easy Accessibility

Visitors, family, friends, kids, if ever arriving home early, and elderly members might need emergency access to your home. Digital locks play an important role in any such scenario. You can provide access to them even though you are far away from them.

Digital door locks provide a permanent, secure, reliable, and affordable solution for safeguarding your homes. 

These locks are a 21st-century solution to the rising burglary and break-in incidents. It’s high time you adapt to this high-tech smart, safe security system.

So, when are you joining this smart club? 


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