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Unlocking 5 Common Myths About Digital Door Locks | Hafele Digital Locks
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23 Sep 2021

Unlocking 5 Common Myths about Digital Door Locks

While traditional keys have lasted us for many ages, one can't deny that it's simply too easy to lose one and get locked out of the home! This is where automatic door locks can be the perfect solution for the busy world today, where we can easily move in and out of our homes in a matter of seconds! Nevertheless, many still tend to distrust electronic door lock systems due to certain preconceived notions about them.
So, read ahead as we bust some existing myths about digital door locks and show you how these innovative systems amp up the safety of our homes as well as offices.

1. Digital locks will not function during power outage
As digital locks run on batteries instead of electricity, they will function perfectly well during a power outage. Most digital lock batteries are powerful enough to last you more than six months to up to a year! Moreover, many digital locks today also give battery status updates or inform you when the battery needs to be replaced, weeks in advance on your mobile device.
In fact - one may often fumble in the dark with manual keys while unlocking a regular door lock. However, a digital door keypad with back-lit numbers on its touch screen will easily let you unlock the door, never failing you during a power cut!

2. Electronic locks can be easily hacked
This is far from the truth! Smart locks come with the required encryptions that keep your data secret, so they are not easy to hack. In fact - most digital door locks also offer multiple modes of authentication such as fingerprint, face recognition, keypad etc, which can be combined to provide the ultimate security to your home.
Moreover, for added safety you can opt for reputed companies such as Hafele as we offer the best door locks in India that come with advanced features. For example - Instead of using Wifi, the Hafele digital locks operate via Bluetooth, which keeps personal data and passwords safe from the web. Additional security features in our digital locks make it practically impossible for anyone to hack their way into your home!

3. I won’t be able to access the lock if I lose my smartphone
Digital locks are not entirely dependent on smartphones. This means that in case you lose your smartphone, you can simply log in from a different device, easily access your door lock and even change your passcode to stop anyone else from accessing your information. This means you will always be in control of your front door access, even without your smartphone.

4. Digital locks are difficult to install and operate
On the contrary, it is super easy to install and operate a digital lock as most brands give out installation instructions as well as offer professional installation. Once installed and programmed properly, these electronic locks are often simple to operate and come with features that make home access easy in your day to day life.
Hafele digital locks, too, come with advanced features such as the 'smart night vision'. This function recognises a user's face even in pitch darkness, thus making it super easy to unlock one's door even during wee hours of the night! Can the same be said for a regular, mechanical lock?

5. I may get locked-in in case of a fire!
Digital locks today detect emergencies such as fires or break ins and automatically have systems in place for these situations. This is one of the major benefits of automatic door locks as these are easier to open, whereas opening a mechanical lock requires more time and energy in comparison! This is why it is in fact easier for you to exit your home in such tense situations.

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