3 Reasons to Upgrade to Digital Door Locks

Why You Should Upgrade Your Home to Digital Locks
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07 Apr 2022

Upgrade to a digital lock today- Here's why

Have you ever noticed that any individual who is leaving their home alone always turns back to check whether their door is definitely locked? Well, it is a valid thing to do considering the lack of security provided by lock and key systems. 

The old situation where you either spend 10 minutes searching for your house keys in your bag or you wait at your doorstep till another family member arrives and lets you in, just because you forgot your keys, can easily be avoided. 

There are times when people visit your home unannounced when your house is left unattended. Imagine if you could help them enter your home with a password created specifically for them? We have a way for you to do that!

At Hafele, we care about you and the safety of your home. Hence, we bring to you 3 reasons why you should be up to date with current trends and install Hafele’s Re-Mote digital security system on your front door:

Improved Security

A traditional lock and key system may have been enough to provide high security a decade ago when theft was not as rampant as it is today. When we look at the current times, we immediately start to wonder- what is the highest form of security for my home that is technologically advanced? 

The answer to that is definitely a high-tech digital lock. Hafele’s Re-Mote digital lock introduces a new perspective to home security, which once installed, will ensure that your moments away from home are not spent worrying about the safety of your humble abode.

Added convenience

We all know the struggle of losing a key, thinking you have lost a key because you can’t find it in the mess- which is your bag, or waiting at your doorstep for your saviour (of course, a family member) to arrive and let you in. 

There is one single and simple solution to avoid all the scenarios mentioned above - a digital lock. Not only does the device provide high level security but it also adds convenience to your daily schedule. 

Advanced Features

After a long, tiring day at work, entering your home is the one thing you long to do, isn’t it? With Hafele’s Re-Mote, you can unlock the door even before you reach your doorstep with its remote access feature.

As compared to the struggle you go through to find your keys, unlocking your digital lock using different modes of access, such as using the mobile app, does add a certain entertaining element to finally entering your comfort zone at the end of the day. With Hafele’s range of digital locks, you can enjoy unlocking your door using the following modes of access:

• Key-pad or Password

• RFID (upto 100 unique accesses)

• Mechanical Key (upto 2 keys)

• Bluetooth Enabled Key (Mobile App Access)

Apart from the different access modes, Hafele Digital locks have multiple other features including, break-in alarm, low battery alarm, panic exit, among others make it the ideal security system for your home’s safety.

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