What Is a Smart Digital Lock?

Exploring Smart Digital Door Locks: How They Work | Hafele Digital Locks
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Hafele Re-Mote lock system installed for smart home automation
24 Sep 2021

What Are Smart Digital Door Locks And How Do They Work

Remember those days when you're halfway to the office, and you frantically wonder whether you carried the house key with you. Now that smart digital door locks are gaining popularity, you may not have to live in anxiety of misplacing a house key anymore. So, read ahead as we tell you how such smart home automation has benefited our door security systems, slowly turning the use of traditional padlocks obsolete.

What Is A Smart Digital Door Lock?
A traditional door lock is an object which is only made for a single key, whereas a smart digital lock can be controlled and managed with other "smarter" technology such as Wifi or Bluetooth. These locks can also connect with other devices such as your smartphone, where you can access the lock's app and manage your home security with ease.
Some digital locks (such as the Hafele Re-Mote lock system) can even be made accessible remotely by you from anywhere around the globe, which is certainly not possible to do with a regular door lock! These locks are highly useful if you are constantly travelling for work and need to ensure complete safety and care of your children or aging parents at home today. Overall - smart digital locks offer you a keyless security system, where all you have to do is enter the password on a keypad or scan a fingerprint to enter your home.

How Does A Smart Digital Lock Work?
Like any other door lock, digital locks also use a latch or a bolt, which runs from the door and the doorframe to prevent access. However, these locks use an electronic or battery-operated system to control the bolt where the motor in these digital locks requires an electronic impulse. Thus, these door lock systems will only provide you access when you enter an electronic input such as a passcode, fingerprint, etc.

Smart Benefits of Digital Door Locks
The major advantage of a smart digital lock is that it can match your specific lifestyle, working for you at your convenience. The digital door locks by Hafele do this exceptionally well for you as they come with incredible features, which make it easy for you to manage home access. This is why they are soon becoming preferred options over regular locks. Here are some benefits you can look forward to if you opt for Häfele’s digital lock systems.

• Multiple authentication modes-Most of our digital locks come with 4 or 5 different types of access modes such as fingerprint, keypad, RFID, mechanical key, and even face recognition! You can combine two of these modes to create a unique access for your home, ensuring even better security.
• Mobile access-The Hafele Re-mote lock can be managed via the ‘Hafele Access’ Mobile App. The app will allow you to schedule and set up passwords on your smartphone, so you can keep track of children coming home safely from school or the house help entering the home.
• Night vision technology-The Hafele Re-veal lock uses infrared sensors to accurately recognize a registered user’s face even during pitch darkness! This smart night vision technology ensures that one can easily enter the home late at night, even when all the lights in your building floor corridor are turned off.
• Intruder deterrent features-From capturing multiple images of an unregistered user who has tried to use the lock to freezing the lock for 5 minutes after 5 to 10 wrong attempts - there are lots of features set to make it impossible for any intruder to enter your home.
• Smart Voice-Our range of digital door lock systems also come with a smart voice feature, which gives guidance to you every step of the way. This makes using the lock a seamless experience for you. Moreover, this voice can be toned down and even muted if you don’t want to disturb others in your vicinity.

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