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11 Nov 2021

What are the Types of Access Modes Offered by Smart Locks

Access modes are different ways offered by digital locks, using which you can unlock and enter your home. Each access mode requires a unique action to trigger the door lock. A digital lock can offer one or more types of digital entry to the user.

At Hafele, most of our digital locks offer you a 'smart security' feature. This enables you to combine two different access modes, thus making it impossible for someone to break into your home! Below, we have compiled a list of different access modes offered by Hafele’s smart door locks today.

● Key-pad or Password
A key-pad or password-based access mode is the most basic option available in smart locks. It allows you to unlock the door by punching in a combination of digits using the numeric key-pad present on the lock. Hafele provides a range of digital locks that allows you to set up to 100 passwords with different access rights. It means you can create unique passwords for people like your family members, friends, househelp, etc.
Now you can easily say goodbye to your manual keys because you only need to remember a set of digits — like any other password or mobile number — to unlock your door. Hafele even goes one step further to give you extra security with the ‘smart password’ feature in its digital locks. This technology allows you to hide your numeric password between random numbers so that it is not inadvertently revealed to the person standing next to you.

The RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) access mode requires you to bring an RFID card in front of the lock. The sensors of the lock read the unique code embedded on the card using radio frequency to unlock the door. The RFID entry method is a common sight in offices, corporate buildings, and commercial sites.
The biggest perk of using it is that you won't have to fumble for your keys every time you enter your home or office. You can easily keep the RFID card in your purse or wallet, like an ATM or ID card.
Hafele makes a variety of digital locks that offer this smart feature. Moreover, Hafele offers innovative contactless technology, where you can configure the access code within your existing Mifare enabled credit card so that you don't need to carry a separate keycard.

● Fingerprint
The fingerprint is considered a very secure and convenient access mode as all you have to do is register your fingerprint while setting up the lock. Then, simply scan your fingerprint whenever you want to enter the home. No keys to carry or difficult passwords to remember!
Most of Hafele's digital locks offer the functionality of fingerprint access. Hafele's locks also come with a feature of capacitive fingerprint scan (RE-Al and RE-Size lock) and silk ID fingerprint scan (RE-Veal lock). The capacitive fingerprint locks are more responsive and have better accuracy. On the other hand, the Silk ID fingerprint locks have the capability of scanning a finger whether it is dry, oily, or wet.

● Face Recognition
Face recognition is the most advanced and secured access mode offered by smart locks. Merely scan your face in front of the camera sensor, and you can enter the home! A person can enter through the door without any hassle as no key, card, or punching of fingers is required.
The Hafele Re-Veal digital lock comes with an extremely precise face recognition feature, which can scan over 170 facial points on an individual's face with pinpoint accuracy. This ensures that only known faces to the digital lock can gain access.

● Remote Access Key Sharing
Looking for the most comfortable way to unlock your door? Remote access sharing is the answer. Using this feature, you can access your lock even from a distance. Here, the digital lock installed at your door needs to be paired with your mobile phone, using which you can easily unlock your door within the premises or set access codes and share them with your guests or visitors.
The Hafele remote digital lock offers you an additional feature of a Bluetooth Enabled key as well. All you have to do is use the ‘Hafele Access’ app on your mobile phone, and you can manage your entire home security through it. So if you have a guest standing outside, you need not rush to your home! You can schedule and share codes or using Bluetooth key transfer, mirror the ‘Hafele access app’, which allows the guest to unlock the door in the proximity of the lock.

● Mechanical Key
You may be wondering why a mechanical key is mentioned here. After all, it’s a traditional way to unlock a door. However, a mechanical key can be extremely helpful in emergency situations such as when one may forget to replace the lock’s discharged battery. It makes sure that you are not left standing outside your house. All Hafele's locks come with mechanical keys that have a computerized cross design for extra security.

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