Why Access Control Is The Need of The Hour in Large Complexes

Access Control: The Essential Need in Large Complexes for Enhanced Security | Hafele Digital Locks
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23 Sep 2021

Why Access Control Is The Need of The Hour in Large Complexes

As we keep building large skyscrapers and complexes today, the security of these spaces have become a top priority too! Electronic access control systems such as biometric door locks provide enhanced security to such spaces, allowing access only to the chosen few, thus ensuring that unwanted visitors are kept out. Read ahead as we list out essential reasons why such access systems are the need of the hour to guarantee high security in large residential as well as commercial complexes.

1. It is safer to use than conventional keys
In a large building, restricting access to certain areas requires more keys. For an individual with high clearance such as a janitor or a watchman, managing an entire bunch of keys can prove to be quite difficult. Moreover, keys can easily be lost or duplicated, leaving a building vulnerable to unauthorised access! This is why electronic access control systems work way better as they eliminate the need to have numerous physical keys and can also safely restrict certain areas effectively.

2. The system keeps track of who comes and goes
Electronic access systems such as biometric door locksbiometric door locks keep track of the flow of people on the property, logging in the entry and exit of each individual. This is highly important for large residential spaces, offices, laboratories, and more buildings where the threat of theft is greater. In case such an incident occurs, one can know exactly who accessed a specific area at the time of the incident!

3. Provides flexibility of different levels of access
A digital door lock system also provides the flexibility of offering different permission levels for differing groups of people. This can be quite useful in big corporations where certain employees may have access to different levels of the building.
It is also needed in large apartment complexes, where not everyone pays for the same facilities such as swimming pools, gyms, game courts, etc. An electronic access system ensures that each of the building residents may easily access the facilities they pay for without having to manage separate physical keys, while also preventing unauthorised users from getting in.

4. Looks after staff timekeeping
The data provided by access control systems can be invaluable for both commercial and residential purposes. In large apartment complexes, safety measures usually include tracking the time when the essential staff such as watchmen or maids arrive in the building. An access control system in such a case proves to be efficient and hassle-free. Such systems are also quite handy in large offices, where recurring employee lateness can be tracked through a digital door entry system.

5. Protects against data breaches
From an office's financial records to a building's residents personal information, access control systems secure sensitive information and prevent it from falling into the wrong hands. Access can be provided to a select few individuals, who are trusted enough to not cause a security breach.
However, while choosing a reputed access control system, it's also quite important to opt for a well established company such as Hafele. We are known to provide the best door locks in India, that come with advanced security features as well as a good customer service to ensure that your security is given top priority!

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