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Hafele digital lock getting unlock with hafele
07 Apr 2022

Why digital locks are worth the investment!

In today’s age, a digital lock is as important for the safety of your home as passwords are for your phone. High technology, convenience, improved protection and security are the few reasons why digital locks are definitely worth the investment.

Hafele's wide range of digital locks come with certain features, benefits, and functionality that will enable an individual to conveniently enter and exit their house. The digital locks come with multiple alarms to alert an individual in different situations including Door Not Locked, Low Battery, Break In, among others.

Hafele’s digital locks also enable individuals to leave their house unattended and allow specific people to enter at a given time. Hence, making life easier and extremely convenient for them and their family members. 

Among the wide range of Digital Locks, Hafele’s Re-Veal comes with but is not limited to solutions for real-time issues, features and benefits that improve protection and adds convenience, and an elegant look. Here is why investing in Hafele’s Re-Veal is worth it:

Access Modes

Unlike a keyed lock, this Digital Lock comes with multiple access modes that you can choose from based on your requirements and convenience. Multiple Accesses including Silk id Fingerprint, Key-pad or Password, RFID, Face Recognition, and Mechanical Key ensure improved security and optimum protection. Now, you never have to worry about forgetting your keys at home since Hafele is here for your rescue. 

Smart Technologies

To enhance your experience of locking and unlocking your main door while increasing the security of your home, Hafele’s Re-Veal digital locks come with multiple features or smart technologies. Smart Password, Smart Freeze, Smart Night Vision, Smart Intruder are among the few benefits of owning a smart digital door lock. 


These digital door locks not only act as bodyguards for your sweet abode but are also extremely smart in terms of functionality. Hafele’s Re-Veal digital locks come with various alarms including Low Battery, Break-in, and High Temperature that ring in case these situations arise. These alarms will allow you to take immediate action whenever necessary. 

Digital locks are more than just devices that protect you and your home from intruders and break-ins. These devices ensure added convenience to your life by providing you with various access modes that, when used, will ensure a hassle-free entrance or exit from your house. The added advantage of choosing how you unlock your main door adds an exciting element to your day to day life. 

The device also comes with a sleek body and elegant design that acts as an embellishment for your front door. Afterall, a guest's first impression is important and hence, the first look should be impactful. Don’t you agree? 

By now you must have not just gained insight into the working of a digital lock but are now sure that digital locks are important for improved security and are definitely worth the investment.

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