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Hafele’s RE-Inforce Digital Lock installed on the black home door with features
23 May 2022

Why Hafele’s RE-Inforce Digital Lock Is An Excellent Choice For Your Security

Hafele's RE-Inforce digital door lock is one of the cutting-edge breakthroughs, well-known for its reliability and superior quality technological headways. 

With high-tech design and multiple accessibilities, RE-Inforce digital locks provide high-end protection to your home. 

They are ideal foolproof protection tools for residential and commercial arenas, including internal and external doors. Be it holiday homes, huge organizations, stand-alone villas, commercial offices, complexes, or cottages; digital door locks provide an intelligent security option.

Key Aspects of RE-Inforce Digital Locks That Set Them Apart From Others, Making Them an Excellent Security Choice:

Electronic door locks ensure your home is protected from intruders, and only authorized individuals get access to enter or exit the space.

Certain critical places are more susceptible to security glitches. With their unique locking mechanism, these digital smart door locks prevent any kind of trespassing or transgression activities.

For businesses and organizations, installing the fingerprint scanner locks ensures no individual other than the organization's employees can enter the premises. 

RE-Inforce is not an exception to this technological advancement. The installation process for this lock system is easy and hassle-free

However, the key features that set apart RE-Inforce include their all-in-one efficient performance ability.

● RE-Inforce digital locks come with a built-in Wi-Fi that enables you to connect to the internet for remote control operations. With this feature, you can lock/unlock your doors from anywhere.

● RE-Inforce digital locks provide four-fold protection as they come with four deadbolts that offer even more robust protection against any mishaps like a break-in.

● Fingerprint scanner locks provide a much better security option than other locks. They are connected to the internet and can monitor and detect every activity, including any entry/exit authorized or forceful.

● Delivering high-security locks safeguards the door within seconds and offers four deadbolts, ensuring utmost safety.

● It is primarily concerned about safety features and a door lock system, enabling automatic locking of the door latch within seconds of closing the door.

● You can provide smart access to authorized individuals even if you are away from home.

One more striking feature of the product is its “Smart Freeze” application. With this feature, the lock is frozen immediately if 5 times wrong password is detected.

● Another unique feature, Smart Password, hides your password between a set of random numbers, making it easy for you to enter the password without the fear of it being revealed to someone next to you.

The locks also use other types of passwords like Permanent Password for regular access, Period Passwords designed for visitors, and Dynamic passwords that work like OTPs and are valid for a limited time to allow multiple accesses.

● The RE-Inforce digital locks are equipped with different locking modes, including an Auto mode, which automatically locks the door latch within 2 seconds of its closing, and a Passage mode, which allows entry into the house without a key, even though it’s locked from inside(this works great during a party, where the entries and exits are frequent), and a Privacy locking Mode which enables locking the door from the inside by twisting the knob on the rear lock body, used to restrict access into your home.

Key Specifications of the RE-Inforce Digital Locks

● The product comes with Matt Black finish in aluminum alloy material.

● The device is accessible through Hafele’s Smart Living App and includes key features like Real time notifications and alarms for break-ins and wrong passwords.

● The product’s operating temperature ranges from -30°C to 80°C and is within 20-93% humidity.

● You can also create new users and access codes as required and keep a check on the lock's activity status and log remotely.

● It comes with a safe and secure mortise that allows the lock to slide smoothly into the door, thus providing firm protection.

● These locks do not use locks and keys; instead, they emphasize on fingerprint door locks, RFID cards, and password-protected systems.

Our RE-Inforce digital locks are the new range of superior quality digital locks that provide smart home security. Its incredible features allow us to get rid of manual mishaps and go digital for a better security option.

Apart from the advanced features it shares with other Hafele digital door locks, RE-Inforce digital locks come with a built-in Wi-Fi system, a four-fold secure system with four deadbolts, and digital locks with a fingerprint scan system.

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