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Hafele keyless lock installed on the closed house door
22 Dec 2021

Why Using Keyless Entry is a Good Solution Post Covid-19

Keyless access is becoming the new standard mode in digital security systems. It is a convenient and time-efficient technology that allows users to enter and exit the door without the hassle of using a key. The keyless feature of modern digital locks is an excellent way to ensure a contactless experience for people. This reduces the chances of transmission of contagious viruses through surface contact, especially during the Covid pandemic. 

The term ‘keyless’ here emphasizes on using different ways of accessing our door without using keys. While keypad-based passwords and fingerprints are unique smart functionalities offered by modern digital locks, they require us to touch the device. However, other features such as face recognition, RFID cards, and remote control access are great ways for a contactless and keyless experience to open the doors. 

The door handles or knobs are one such point of contact that is touched by every entrant. No matter how clean and sanitized you keep your floor, tables, stair railings, and other surfaces, if you don’t take adequate precautions in keeping your door hygienic, you may catch a contagious disease. When you use a keyless based entry system, you eliminate that possibility. When we talk about Keyless access locks, we need to understand how we can actually benefit from them while taking precautions against transmissible viruses. 

Face Recognition

Face recognition is like adding a fourth dimension to the security of your home. The user just needs to position his/her face in front of the camera sensor of the lock. The door opens if the face matches correctly with pre-stored faceprints. In this process, you are required to position yourself a few centimetres away from the lock and that helps you unlock the door without any contact. 

RFID Cards

This is yet another excellent way of accessing the door without using a key. RFID cards are plastic cards that have track tags installed in them. All you have to do is bring the card near the sensor of the digital lock. The lock then scans the tag and unlocks the door. This method is very common in offices and corporate parks to ensure contactless entry and exit of authorised personnel.

Remote Control Access

Many digital locks offer remote control features that allow you to manage the security of the door by simply using a mobile app. For example, Hafele provides its app called ‘Hafele Access’ which allows users to manage the digital lock and add, modify, or delete the passwords, share time-based access with certain people, among other benefits!

The wide range of digital door security solutions from Hafele is perfect for people who take extra effort in choosing the best and holistic products for the safety of their homes and offices. Visit our page for detailed information about the locks we offer and get the one that suits your requirements the best.

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