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RE-BELL - Security Pad Lock With Smart Alarm Motion Sensor


Because you need a 99.99 “100” percent…
For the Feature-fanatics who have an eye for detail and are always looking to upgrade to latest technologies for better features and enhancements… Häfele’s RE-Bell video doorbell completes our offering for holistic home security with an added touch of smartness. This WiFi enabled solution can be integrated into your smartphone through a feature-packed App that allows you to remotely manage all functions at your fingertips. This means that you could be lazing in your bed or sitting at your office desk or shopping at your favourite mall and yet you can see or even talk to the person standing at your doorstep. This takes care of security even from remote areas while also ensuring that you never miss a chance to know who tried to reach you while you were away. You can also capture intruder images to keep a special check on strangers or unwanted visitors; and this is possible even in pitch darkness thanks to RE-Bell’s integrated night-vision function. The highly sensitive motion sensor immediately recognizes the presence of a person and sends you an alert on the mobile app informing you that someone is awaiting access to your home. You can also download a log of recorded video clippings from the RE-Bell through the mobile app – giving you a historical perspective on who tried to reach you and when. The RE-Bell presents the highest standards of technology through its High Definition (HD) video quality and 165 degree rotational camera.
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  • Smart Video Recording

  • Smart Motion Sensor

  • Smart Visual Speach
    (1280 X 960 @ 10fps)

  • Smart Night Vision (2m)

  • Smart Storage (micro SD card)

  • Smart Visitor Image Capture


  • Water Resistant (IP65)

  • IOS 7 & ANDROID 4.0 and above

  • 3x Zoom


  • 12 Volt – DC Driver

  • WiFi Enabled

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