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The beauty of Hafele's Digital locks is that it works on an offline system with no integration to the web; thereby securing all your data and passwords from getting hacked. Hence, there is no possibility of your Digital Lock getting hacked.

Hafele’s Re-Al digital locks use the capacitive fingerprint scan technology which is more responsive to any object and reacts with more accuracy.

In case of emergencies, you can exit your homes by simply pressing the lever handle on the lock irrespective of the locking mode that has been activated.

During fire accidents a feature called high-temperature alarm rings, as this sets off in case of a fire or any other event where the inside room temperature touches or exceeds 70°C (the alarm can be deactivated either by removing the battery or waiting till the room temperature falls below 70°C).

The Re-Al digital lock can be compatible with smart video phones wherein you can talk to the person standing on the other side of the door. For example, in the recent Covid situation you could talk to the delivery agent who carried your parcel and direct him to leave it near your doorsteps via video phone.

This lock has 4 ways of access.

  • Capacitive Fingerprint (Up to 100 unique accesses)
  • Key-pad or Password (1 master access, Up to 3 unique user accesses)
  • RFID (Up to 100 unique accesses)
  • Mechanical Key (Up to 2 keys)
  • Remote Control Module (can be purchased separately)
  • If there is melody/tune or if the red light is ON or if the keypad flashes after entering a password, there could be a password mismatch. If you have entered a wrong password three times in a row, a warning tone will be generated and the keypad will flash causing the operation to freeze for one minute.
  • The battery might have been discharged. In this case, please open the door with a 9V battery to connect with the emergency power terminal which is on the outer body.
  • If the double locking security mode is set from inside, there will be a quick beeping sound after entering the password from outside. The double locking mode should be then released from inside.
  • If the door does not open immediately after entering the password and any number appears then the dual security mode is set. Press the additional numbers sequentially to open the door.

It is a warning for battery replacement. If you hear this warning, please replace all batteries (1.5V AA Alkaline batteries) with new ones immediately.

Please check the volume setting on your product, it might be in silent mode. If yes, then reset the volume (see the manual). If the sound is not heard in other settings as well, please contact the customer care centre.

There is a large dependency on the external environment, installation and frequency of usage.

Usually, it is about 8 to 10months (if used 10 times a day).

Our suggestion is to kindly replace all batteries with a new set of 1.5V AA Alkaline batteries every 6 months to be on the safer side.

  •  Please check all the critical information listed below:
  •  Please check the auto-lock setting status and if it is not set, kindly reset the function.
  • Please check the magnetic sensor in the strike on the opposite door frame of the door lock. 
  • If the door lock releases the melody without working, it may be due to low battery. Please replace all the batteries with a new set, immediately.
  • If it’s not resolved with the above checks, please contact our service centre.

If it is not operated by a vertical or horizontal line, such as 1.4.7 or 1.2.3, the internal cable line may be disconnected or the internal cable is bent due to incorrect insertion of the cable.  Please contact our customer care centre in this case.

Please buy a 9V battery and connect it to the emergency power supply terminal located at the outer body of the door lock. When keypad lights are ON or numbers appear by pressing * or #; or after activating (touch the keypad) the keypad, insert password as usual and press * or # again, then you should be able to open the door. However, the 9V battery should remain in connection with the terminal until the door is opened, and if it has been disconnected, try again.

Please check if the same sound is coming while the door is in an open position and if the product re-locks after a while. If it cannot be opened by using the handle, please contact our service centre. 

Yes, this lock is compatible with Video Door Phones. Users will have to purchase a VDP module separately as an accessory.

If we are installing VDP on the same floor it will support up to 100 meters, and if we are installing on a different floor it will support up to 20 meters.

Yes, one remote control unit and one VDP module can work with one RF Unit.

The door compartment fails to function properly, causing the deadbolt to get stuck in the shackle and not operate smoothly. Firstly, check the operation of the square lock (i.e. deadbolt) while the door is open and if there is no problem still, then you must check the door itself. Please contact a professional to check the door.

If the square-locking device (deadbolt) is not operating smoothly while the door is open, please call the customer care centre.

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