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Hafele Re-Mote digital lock has a unique feature called schedule, periodic and OTP password wherein you can set a new password for one-time use at a particular periodic time, which allows the maid to enter only once and get the work done in your absence.

The Hafele RE-Mote digital lock offers you the option to pair any of its digital locks from the Reinvent series to a remote-control device; your door can then be unlocked at your fingertips from any distance within 10 meters of the lock. Thus, you need not walk all the way to your main door to let an expected guest into your home!

No, the Re-Mote digital lock doesn’t need Wi-Fi as it works on Bluetooth. Other options are to use the password, card, and key to unlock your smart door lock.

The benefits of using the Hafele Re-Mote digital door lock is are ease of use and security. You can unlock the door in 4 different ways through an app, password, card, and key. Thus, you can choose the most comfortable way to unlock. In addition, you can use HAFELE app to remotely open the door for your friend and family.

Furthermore, for the Hafele Re-Mote lock, you can use HAFELE app to send temporary passwords to your friends and family to unlock even when you are not at home. Besides, you can check the door open record from the app which enhances your home safety.

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