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Yes, Re-Tro digital locks have privacy locking mode or double locking mode wherein no one can enter the room without the permission of the person inside the room.

Yes. When you select the auto-lock option, the door automatically locks 2 seconds after it closes; you do not need to manually rotate the lock deadbolt to lock the door. The auto-locking feature is achieved either by a magnetic sensor technology that pulls out the deadbolt when the door closes or by a keypad. Manual locking mode can be used for doors located in high-traffic areas, such as a corridor door connecting your living room and bedrooms, or a door in your office or boutique shop. When using the manual locking option, the user must physically lock the door using an RFID reader.

The Defense Mode in  Re-Tro lock can be enabled from the outside by pressing a button on the front lock body and is used to notify if someone is trying to leave the office. A typical situation when you could use the Defense Mode is when you want to ensure that employees don't leave the office without your supervision during working hours. In such a case, the moment your employee presses the lever handle to open the door, an alarm sets off informing you that someone is trying to leave without your permission.

The Hafele Re-Tro smart lock for glass doors has a Freeze function wherein it freezes for 5 minutes without functioning, if someone tries for more than 3 wrong inputs.

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